Outside Air Louvre - Model OAL-S

Outside Air Louvre - Model OAL-S

Polyaire Model OAL Outside Air Louvres are designed to provide weather protection of outside air or discharge openings yet to allow free passage of air. These external Louvres may also be used for natural ventilation.

Polyaire manufacture both a small section and a large section outside air louvre as detailed below.

The Polyaire Small Section Outside Air louvre model OAL-S is normally used for small sizes and small air quantities.

Construction is from all extruded aluminium with a standard flange of 32mm.

A Bird screen of 12mm x 12mm square mesh is fitted to the rear as an option.

Standard finish is natural anodised while other finishes including powder coat are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.

Model OAL-S Outside Air Louvres are available in stock sizes and can also be

manufactured to order in a wide range of sizes.

    Model Number / Name
    ITEM # SIZE mm (W x H) TYPE
    244403150 x 150
    244000200 x 200
    244000/A225 x 225
    244001250 x 250
    244002300 x 300
    244003350 x 350
    244004400 x 400
    244005450 x 450
    244244500 x 500
    244245550 x 550
    244247600 x 600
    Outside Air Louvre- Model OAL-S
    Outside Air Louvre- Model OAL-S