Black Combi Flex Ducting

Black Combi Flex Ducting

Combi-Flex is a new range of fully flexible reinforced, lightweight Aluminium Polyester and PVC laminated duct specially designed for the HVAC market. Suitable for low, medium and high pressure heating, ventilation and air conditioning supply or extract systems for use on both commercial and industrial applications.

A laminated construction encapsulating a high tensile steel wire helix ensures there is no seperation from the duct material. The combi-flex is covered with a tough co-polymer outer duct/vapour barrier, which acts as a unique extra airtight, strong and durable barrier.

Technical Data

  • Construction Material: Laminated, Reinforced Aluminium/Polyester & PVC
  • Wirepitch: 102mm = 25mm, 125mm 508mm = 37mm
  • Temperature Range: -30/+120 °C
  • Positive Working Pressure: 2500 Pa (Max)
  • Packing: Individual box of 0.6 metres
  • External Colour: Black
  • Diameter Range: 102mm to 508mm
  • Maximum Air Velocity: 30m/sec
  • Standard Length: 6 metre
  • Clamping: Lightning Band, Stainless Steel Clamps or Quick Release Clamps

    Model Number / Name
    ITEM # SIZE mm (Diameter) TYPE
    170000/61006 Metre Length
    170001/61256 Metre Length
    170002/61526 Metre Length
    170003/62036 Metre Length
    170004/62546 Metre Length
    170005/63056 Metre Length
    170006/63156 Metre Length
    170007/63556 Metre Length
    170008/64006 Metre Length