Egg Crate Grille - Model EC

Egg Crate Grille - Model EC

Polyaire Model EC Eggcrate Grilles are normally used in ceiling return air and exhaust applications.

Construction: The frame is made from an aluminium extrusion, which 
supports and retains the aluminium square pattern lattice core. The standard frame flange is 25mm.

Standard finish is powder coat white while other finishes are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.

Model EC-FC, EC-LC, EC-RC and EC-HF are available in stock sizes and can also be manufactured to order in a wide range of sizes.

    Model Number / Name
    ITEM # SIZE mm (W x H) TYPE
    248592EC-FC100 x 100
    2486191195 x 595 Face (Lay-in)
    248593150 x 150
    248595200 x 200
    248596250 x 250
    248597300 x 300
    248598350 x 350
    248603400 x 400
    248604450 x 450
    248605500 x 500
    248610595 x 595 Face (Lay-in)
    Eggcrate Grilles - Model EC
    Eggcrate Grilles - Model EC